Here’s a quick story

I planted a church

After 15 years on staff in big and small churches, I decided it was time to plant my own church. The very next year, the Great Recession hit hard. I hadn’t raised enough funds to sustain us through a tough economy, so, after two years, we folded.

Then I went to work as nonprofit fundraiser

Ironic, I know. But over the course of 5 years as a nonprofit marketer and fundraiser, I learned a completely different approach to leading organizations and building support. I learned to pay attention to a variety of voices in the community. I learned to understand how our work intersected with the social problems, policies, and efforts of other organizations and agencies. I learned to collaborate with foundations, philanthropists, corporations, and community groups to ensure stable funding for multi-million-dollar budgets.

my perspective shifted radically

One thing astonished me: these nonprofits were thriving – and doing amazing, impactful work – even in the midst of the greatest economic downturn of our time. By the time I returned to ministry in 2015, my perspective on leadership had shifted radically. I learned several things seminary hadn’t taught me:

  • How to nurture the difficult process of change, not only in the lives of individuals, but in the life-cycle of an organization.

  • How to recognize the social problems causing stress in our communities, and how to serve those needs more effectively.

  • How to use these skills to grow and sustain strong funding for a mission, from people inside and outside the membership.


Every pastor can learn these valuable skills

ministry is a human service

Since 2013, I’ve been teaching these skills to university students who are preparing for human service careers in education, healthcare, and social services. Those fields depend on collaboration, systems thinking, and sustainable resources to support long-term growth and change.

Ministry is also a human service.

Like education, healthcare, and social services, ministry works to facilitate the process of change, not just for individuals but for whole communities – to bring about spiritual health and well-being, and build a more just and peaceful society.

Learn to lead cultural change

Things are changing fast in our world and churches across the denominational spectrum are getting left behind. It is more important than ever to learn how to lead in a more impactful and sustainable way.

Since 2015, I’ve used these shifts to help a very small, rapidly aging congregation transform into a younger, more vibrant, growing church with a renewed mission.

This is what I teach pastors and church leaders.

In my one-on-one training and live, online courses, you’ll learn exactly how to facilitate change and cultivate deep wells of support. No matter how big or small your church, no matter your temperament or level of experience, you can learn these skills too.

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