Jason Coker

Thankfulness and Giving in Church

Yesterday I wrote a guest post for The V3 Church Planting Movement on how critically important it is for pastors to develop the practice of simply being genuinely thankful. Here’s a quick teaser:

Recently, I was telling this story to a group of pastors when one interrupted me:

“Jason…are you suggesting that we should send a thank you letter to every person, every single time they give?”

“Yes,” I said. “That is partly what I’m suggesting. But I’m really trying to ask a question: How would it transform the culture of our churches if we stopped shaming people for not giving enough and simply thanked them every time they gave?”

Click here to read the full post over at the V3 blog. I’m excited and flattered that the good folks at V3 have invited me to write a regular article for them. There are some fantastic ministry leaders and missional practitioners who contribute there regularly, including Dan WhiteA.J. SwabodaChristine SineLinda Bergquist, and others.



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