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Back in 2009, after 15 years in ministry, I went to work full time in the nonprofit sector as a marketing and fundraising specialist. For 5 years I gained hands-on experience raising significant funds through private philanthropists, Foundation grants, and government contracts. I learned first-hand how great nonprofits approached philanthropy in order to thrive, even in the midst of the Great Recession. 

I believe these are lessons every church pastor needs to learn, so I now offer one-on-one and group training to church leaders who want to understand how to cultivate generous communities of faith.

The Philanthropy For Churches Course

Church giving is down, while charitable giving is up

Church giving in America is sinking fast while overall charitable giving is on the rise. As a result, American churches are struggling more than ever. Not so long ago, charities looked to churches as models for cultivating generosity – but that time has passed. Today, the field of philanthropy has embraced what many churches are slow to realize: we live in an increasingly post-Religious society where givers are motivated by a different set of values and expectations.

Learn how to reverse this trend in your church

PFC-ProfileThe strongest charities in the world have developed philanthropic practices that enable them to thrive, even in the toughest times. Many of these practices fit perfectly within a gospel-centered community. You’ll learn:

  • How to foster enthusiastic giving instead of reluctant tithing.
  • How to cultivate major giving from non-members outside your church.
  • How to grow multiple sources of charitable revenue, including from grant sources and social enterprise.
  • How to effectively ask for big gifts from major donors.
  • How to tap into the biggest transfer of wealth in history before its too late.

I don’t teach manipulative tricks for squeezing money out of your people. You learn proven practices for tapping into the massive growth of charitable giving today in order to place your church on a financially stronger and more sustainable path.


Each cohort is limited to a maximum of ten students.

You’re not alone, so why not learn together?

Each learning cohort is limited to just ten church leaders. This is your chance to learn these skills alongside other leaders who are thinking in creative and innovative ways about their mission. We’ll gather for 8 one-hour video-conference sessions. Exercises and interaction between sessions will re-inforce what you’re learning and help you put these concepts into practice right away.

These lessons are adapted from the skills I’ve learned raising millions of dollars for churches and nonprofits over the past 20 years. I now teach these practices at the university level, but you can learn these skills in small group designed especially for church leaders like you.


Philanthropy for Churches Course: $400


Each learning cohort is limited to ten church leaders, so you’ll be learning with a small group of practitioners whose collective experience creates an invaluable learning community. Click the button below to send me an email. Soon after, I’ll be in touch to arrange a one-on-one introductory call and discuss scheduling for the course.

One-on-One Consulting: $100 Per Session

I also offer one-on-one consulting to help you achieve your fundraising goals as a minister. Consulting is tailored to help you address your specific needs and can be done over the phone or via video-conference. Click the button below to send me an email. Soon after, I’ll be in touch to arrange a one-on-one introductory call.


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