Jason Coker

MLK’s Most Audacious Dream

BEE369 Minister Martin Luther King, Jr. preaching at an event

Today we remember the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. for his civil rights legacy. I am especially inspired by his most audacious dream:

So what, exactly, was King’s economic dream? In short, he wanted the government to eradicate poverty by providing every American a guaranteed, middle-class income—an idea that, while light-years beyond the realm of mainstream political conversation today, had actually come into vogue by the late 1960s.

The patchwork of social services we’ve half-heartedly assembled over the past generation have barely made a dent in American poverty. Since the 1960’s, deinstitutionalization of mental health services combined with runaway corporate profits and stagnant wages have combined to create a potent brew of hopelessness for America’s most discriminated and challenged citizens.

It’s time to make genuine equality a reality. It’s time to support a Universal Income in America. It’s an idea that has support across the political spectrum.

The best way to honor Martin Luther King Jr., is to pursue his greatest civil right’s dream.



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