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Kind words from some of the leaders I’ve worked with:

I’m really grateful for Jason’s wisdom and expertise. He has a huge heart for pastors and the church at large and this shines through in his training. The world of fundraising and financial gifts can be a complicated gauntlet to run, and Jason helps pastors weave their way through. I’d recommend any pastor that feels overwhelmed with fundraising (all of us) to get the help you need and Jason has the expertise you are looking for.

~ Jay Pathak, Senior Pastor, Mile High Vineyard

Philanthropy for Churches has opened up a whole world of insights and possibilities for how I lead our stewardship efforts. Small scale, practical, easily implementable ideas came up every week that could be quickly put into practice that have changed how we talk about giving and relate to those who give. I’ve had direct, positive results to the practices we’ve adopted and I would recommend this course for everyone who deals with people and money.

~ Brian Metzger, Senior Pastor, Raleigh Vineyard Church

Jason Coker’s class is a wakeup call for churches who want to be serious about financial stewardship and sharing the good news about what they are doing; every small church planter and large church should jump into this training that you can get nowhere else.

~ Ben Cloud, Senior Pastor, Amadeo Church

 “I’ve spent some time doing fundraising for non-profits, but as an executive pastor I didn’t know how to apply a lot of those principals to the church setting.  Not only was Jason’s content really in line with some of the best fundraising seminars I’ve attended, but his applications for the church was a series of light bulbs turning on.  I just kept saying, “That makes total sense!”

~ Jesse Krohmer, Executive Pastor, Grace Long Beach

Philanthropy for Churches has been a surprising ‘hit’ for me and the ministries to which God has called me. What I have discovered is a significant paradigm-changing strategy God desires to use to build His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The course is very informative, but more importantly, applicable to each of our individual contexts. I strongly recommend your investment of time and resources into this course.

~ James Christopherson, Senior Pastor, Evangelical Community Church

Philanthropy for Churches was the catalyst I needed to move forward with our Building Campaign and yearly financial projections. Jason’s course boosted my confidence and helped me realize the importance of tying our discipleship with our stewardship. A must for church planters.

~ Louis Kang, Senior Pastor, The House Los Angeles

I went through Philanthropy for Churches in 2015. Honestly, Jason is brilliant with helping pastors understand giving patterns in the post-Christian world we live in.

~ Greg Larson, Senior Pastor, Kairos Hollywood

Making disciples, planting churches and growing movements requires engaging in the spirituality of fundraising. Philanthropy for Churches will give you the wisdom and encouragement necessary to do this well. It is helpful, thorough and should be required for every pastor, missional leader and church planter.

~ JR Woodward, National Director, The V3 Church Planting Movement

Jason’s course has been such a gift. There is so much to learn about fundraising and holding all the pieces together in a healthy balance–I feel so much more prepared for the task of being a fundraiser. Jason is a great teacher!

~ Jared Patrick Boyd, Director, The Order of Sustainable Faith


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