Jason Coker

Offering Plate Alternatives, Part 2

Tip #2: Invite people into a personal and intentional process of annual giving Recently a friend of mine read my first post in this series, Offering Plate Alternative, Part 1, and tweeted her response to my personal account: @jasonacoker Seriously? “Get…

5 High Powered, Low Tech Tools for Ministry

I’m a bit of a geek, so I love my devices. I’m a walking Apple commercial. I actually watch the Keynotes live (I know…). I love the promise of these things. They’ll make me more productive, I say to myself. They’ll make me work smarter, not…

Offering Plate Alternatives, Part 1

Earlier this week, I gave you 5 reasons to stop passing the offering plate in church. Today, I offer the first of three practical alternatives to the traditional approach to tithes and offerings on a Sunday morning. Tip #1: Get to…

5 Reasons to Stop Passing the Offering Plate

There’s a small Southern Baptist church not far from my home that my family attends from time to time. They’re a relatively young church – most of the people who attend look to be in their 30’s and 40’s –…

Stop Asking People to Give Your Church Money

I had lunch with a friend today I’ve known Geoff for a few years now. He runs Flourish San Diego, where they work with churches to help them think in more creative ways about their mission and he always makes me think….


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