Jason Coker

2015 Church Funding Survey

If you’re a church leader, I’m looking for your help with a new project. I help other pastors and church leaders re-think how to develop a more effective culture of giving. Surprisingly, there is very little data available detailing exactly how churches are attempting to develop funding in these tough times. The question I want to answer is this: With church attendance, religious giving, and institutional trust at historic lows, how are American churches adapting and learning to thrive as charitable organizations?

Why Take This Survey?

Context Matters

American Churches operate in a culture that is rapidly changing in attitude towards religious institutions, practices, and beliefs. This is having a strong negative impact on the financial sustainability of churches across the nation. The question is, how are some churches learning to thrive in the midst of these changes?

Intelligence Matters

The 2015 Church Funding Survey is an effort to discover exactly what tools and practices are working best for ministers and congregations across the country. We need your participation in order to make the data meaningful and useful to everyone.

The Gospel Matters

It’s very likely that in a post-Christendom culture, churches will have to become leaner in order to flourish. However, being a faithful and credible witnesses to the gospel will require resources. Learning to steward those resources effectively for the sake of the gospel is what the Church Funding Survey is all about.

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What Will You Do With The Results?

Your Data Is Private

The data you share will be completely private. I will never publish or share your individual responses with anyone. The data I report will be national or denominational in scope.

If you have more detailed questions about my privacy policy, feel free to contact me at jason(at)jasoncoker(dot)net or call (760) 575-4047.

I Will Publicly Report The Results This Spring

The findings of this survey will be publicly available. My goal is to collect responses from at least 200 American churches. We’ll analyzing the data and release a free report of our findings in the spring.

The best part is, you and your church will be able to implement the results immediately. After reading the report, you’ll know exactly what practices are and are not working to help churches thrive.

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privacy policy.

Your information will never be shared. I will only use it to send my quarterly freebies. Promise!